24 January 2008


Der's dis Swedish fellow, by the name of Jens Lekman. He'll be coming up a lot I'm sure. He's in Australia now. Singing love songs by de ocean no doubt. Eating lukewarm English beer and vegan pancakes. Writing love songs to Lisa. Slicing avocados. Getting busted, and using his one phone call to dedicate a song to you on de radio...

I have a secret crush on Teacake design. I do enjoy cheeky boys. And playful design. And mocking typographic rules. Check their blog. Cheeky!

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blood loss sway said...

public blogs = great place for secrets.

My secret: I put catsup in my nose in elementary school to fake a bloody nose, and smelled catsup for days following... but I hated that shit long before then. fyi.