01 February 2008

i climbed a tree today

I climbed a tree today in honor of my ever-inspiring friend Dylan. I then made a hypothetical Print cover for Erik Brandt's class assignment. Thank you, Dylan, for the wonderful moment of fresh air this afternoon. I enjoyed the moment, despite the ice. Unsure about the final outcome however.
This is an amazing old photograph of the author Harry Bernstein sitting on his mother's lap. Harry Berstein recently published a memoir entitled "The Invisible Wall." His interview from "The Story" on MPR was touching and made me think about many things, especially the concept of walls, boundaries, and barriers. Berstein points out at the end of the interview about how reliant our world is on these "Invisible Walls," as nationalism increases, and countries, tribes, families shed blood over these walls. It made me think about the own fort I've built around myself. Is my own distrust of humanity such a bad thing? Should I trust more only to get stepped upon or have blood drawn? Or are my invisible walls simply a sign of ignorance, selfishness, and egocentricity? Suddenly this blog seems unimportant.


Dylan C. Lathrop said...

Endless thanks and congrats to you Aimee.

Love is Hell said...

trust me. its good to have no faith in humanity. people will only let you down and tear you up.

but on the other hand: people are wonderful, inspiring, loving, amazing........

sometimes i think i need to make my walls much thicker, because i tend to freak people out. we are all insecure, unsure, afraid, egotistical.....its easy to believe that we are the only ones w/ those problems, but everyone has them. which is some how not very comforting. i am telling you nothing new.

The more i write, the less sense and more stupid this sounds.

I like your project, and also share a love for Dylan.
sorry that you had to read this pointless rant.