27 February 2008

true stories

Underneath the concrete The Dream is Still alive A hundred million lifetimes A world that never dies...
I'm sure many have heard of this, but a comic was made recently to be used as a tool to teach German schoolchildren about World War II and the holocaust. As generations are born and generations die, the stories of the past threaten to be forgotten. We must not forget these stories, we must not forget the past...

I love museums. and stories. and remnants from a past. Local Projects works to tell stories, and promote human connection through folkloric atmospheres and historical documentation. Our present lives are making history now, thanks to the lives of those past. How will be carry the weight of the past with us into our future realities? How will we continue to communicate a time gone by? What stories will we choose to tell? Let us charge forward, fearless and with vigor, yet let us also never forget.

"And in that flash of lucidity he became aware that he was unable to bear in his soul the crushing weight of so much past. Wounded by the fatal lances of his own nostalgia and that of others, he admired the persistence of the spiderwebs on the dead rosebushes, the perseverance of the rye grass, the patience of the air in the radiant February dawn..." -Marquez

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