05 March 2008

! re.introducing...shortbread !

Shortbread's been iced and nonpareiled. She's feeling fancy in this, the next phase of her typographic exploration. Beautiful shadows and negative space = lots of room for experimentation with forms. Stay tuned...

Nonpareil explosion! 
ºººnonpareil: (n) 1. decorative confection of tiny sugar spheres, originally white but now available in a myriad of colors (thank you Wikipedia), not to be confused with sprinkles or dragées 2. derived from French, meaning having no equal, as in nothing compares.ººº


tuesday bassen said...

Yes please! I love your shortbread type, it looks good enough to eat!

jenna brouse said...

found it!!!!

I can't WAIT to make my own cookie alphabet, with your cutters! (with much due credit to you, since you explored it first)