06 April 2008

april showers bring...

by Gertrude Stein

A light in the moon the only light is on Sunday. What was the sensible decision. The sensible decision was that notwithstanding many declarations and more music, not even withstanding the choice and a torch and a collection, notwithstanding the celebrating hat and a vacation and even more noise than cutting, notwithstanding Europe and Asia and being overbearing, not even withstanding an elephant and a strict occasion, not even withstanding more cultivation and some season, not even drowning and with the ocean being encircling, not even with more likeness and any cloud, not even with terrific sacrifice of pedestrianism and a special resolution, not even more likely to be pleasing. The care with which the rain is wrong and the green is wrong and the white is wrong, the care with which there is a chair and plenty of breathing. The care with which there is incredible justice and likeness, all this makes a magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain. 

ºººillustration by Monica Canilao, check her out please if you have a momentººº


blood loss sway said...

Abi and I hung out with Monica this summer, she was giving tattoos and participating in the loop drawings with Hardland Heartland and us. She seemed pretty sweet, and her illustrations are sick.

aren't I cool?

reaffirm how cool I am.


Love is Hell said...

that is not enough name drops for one comment.

you forgot to say you know who michael gaughn is

oh and that your related to the drummer of architecture in helsinki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love is Hell said...

sorry i feel bad now.