30 June 2008

in the realms of the unreal

"Great art should baffle, but how often doesn that truly happen? When images bewilder and quiet, they resonate forever." -Robyn O'Neil

The American Folk Art Museum holds the largest collection of work by Henry Darger, and a recent exhibit examines his influence on contemporary artists, including Robyn O'Neil (see above please). After seeing Darger's work, it seemed so fitting to have seen the little girl below just moments before. Darger posessed the naiveté and sheer infatuation with making art that so many adults lose as we become too self-aware. I suddenly want some sidewalk chalk so I can hopscotch to infinity, and a good set of swings, so I can swing so high, I touch the sky.

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blood loss sway said...

There is a man who sits cross-legged on Swanston Street and draws detailed buildings with sidewalk chalk everyday, they are sweet, and his canvas is always fresh every time I walk by. I think he draws and then immediately erases it. I'll try to snap some photos.

oh, and I'm honored to have your mother's readership, I will try to keep it interesting so as to maintain a readership of 9 strong