26 June 2008

levels of pretending.:.shades of being

masks from New Ireland
Indonesian Masks
Tibetan (je pense?) masks

Humans beings have always worn masks. They mark ways of revelry, a means to escape, a universal human tendency to wonder what its like to live outside one's own skin. By day you are a servant, by night you are the court jester, the king, the belle of the ball. And a vacation is taken from the realities of my meaningless existence. And for a few hours I don the mask of a warrior. I charge on, ever forward with my downfalls in disguise, until midnight strikes, and my carriage becomes a pumpkin once again. It is in this moment that I must decide whether I also like the pumpkin. It is in this moment when you must decide who you really are. 

ºººall masks are part of the permanent collection at the ever-classic American Museum of Natural History, NYCººº 

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Love is Hell said...

those masks are fuckin cooooool