22 June 2008

recent revelries/beachside debaucheries

Why am i so filled with glee? Because of the mock seriousness of a certain C&A, because of A's recent bout with facial hair, because of the amazing oilcloth patterns that line the wall behind me, and, perhaps also, because of the wondrous potion that i may have been sipping from that neon tiki cup. Thank you, Otto's Shrunken Head!
A run-in with Poseidon at Glasslands Gallery leads me to...Mermaid Avenue...
Hello Coney Island!
Yes, this game is real. And yes it scared me just a little bit.

OMG, its the NYPD!
The beach brought comfort from the madness. So many people. So many mermaids. So many so much so many. The Coney Island Mermaid Parade: truly an experience like no other. The sun set down and I retreated back home for some peace, and quiet, and a shower....goodnight everyone!


blood loss sway said...

and the debate about the existence of Aimee's left eye continues... dubbing her Aimee "Left Eye?" G

tuesday bassen said...

Don't worry about it! I know that you were busy with lots of family stuff.

I'm so glad that you liked Books of Wonder; did you eat cupcakes?

I hope that you are having a splendid time in such a splendid city.