25 September 2008

what is good?

Outside the windshield of the mini-van, on our way to the AGI conference in Chicago. Gradient type. Helvetica? This was gooood. 
Is this good? no. Is that good? maybe.
Travelodge's signature Sleepy Bear luscious lathering body wash. This is SO good.
A page of my notes from a day of design lectures. Now I'm not so sure what's good. 
Money shots, spotted on the mean streets of Chicago. Now these, these are GREAT.

1 comment:

Jacey Braband said...

yesss. i might have to steal that sleepy bear body bar image from you. i think i only made it home with the "face" bar. so yes, it was good and then it wasn't good. but it was totally good. :)