22 October 2008

face time

This is me last night round midnight after sitting in front of my computer screen for almost four hours, surfing the internet instead of doing homework. Over the course of those four hours I watched an average of ten YouTube Videos, listened to the latest episode of This American Life, shopped for shoes, ebayed, read some blogs, and wikipedia'ed a vast array of topics. But it's okay, because apparently surfing the internet improves brain function. Will technology ultimately be detrimental or supplemental to the evolution of the human mind? I didn't get any work done, but I did re-discover Roland Orzabal and this classic 80s music video...


Peter Fristedt said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available." said Youtube.

So now I've spent some time on Wikipedia and Youtube figuring out who Roland Orzabal is and, yes, I did like Tears for fears once upon a time! But that's apparently not all he is known for.

Anyway, my ageing brain has now been boosted. Thank you.

Bryan I. said...

That article was pretty interesting. I guess it makes sense with the participatory aspect of it. It's interesting though in that while it may exercise our brains more, it certainly takes its toll on our attention span and selfishness of that attention.

that sweatshirt looks like it's probably amazing.