11 October 2008

it's autumn in stockholm

Because I cannot afford the real Stockholm, I awoke this morning and embarked on a pilgrimage of sorts, to the lovely little town of Stockholm, Wisconsin, population 97. The fresh fresh air blew through my hair as I drove down winding roads, and the vibrant hues of mid-autumn were out in all their glory...
There were racks of blue bikes to ride, but considering the town's size, I chose to meander on foot.
The storefronts were garnished with hand-painted signs, and everything was covered in lady bugs (or asian beetles...apparently they are considered as pests). I especially liked this piece of pie, because it looks like a face who has just lost its cherry nose.

I happened upon a cozy cottage filled with old-world delights and cotton candy floors, wherein I purchased this beautiful antique tin for tea.
I also met my fairy grandfather, who sold me squashes from the back of his truck and let me wear his hat for a time.
Stockholm was discovered by a certain Eric Peterson back in 1851. It was settled by Swedish immigrants. Hence the name. There was even an Ingebretsens! 
Goodbye Stockholm! The drive home was filled with ideas and introspections, and some fairly unfortunate roadkill. Poor little possum, you had so much life ahead of you.


Per Stromsjo said...

Thanks for sharing. Greetings from the other Stockholm...

Peter Fristedt said...

Lovely story!