26 October 2008


In eight days we will all crawl out of our beds, put two feet on the floor, and realize the power of our democracy: VOTE, a little play on Counterforms for Obama, by El Conejo:

Pour Monsieur Brandt: Danke, Grazie, Merci.

Obama love: buttons by Village.

"Every four years, a presidential election gives Americans a common purpose: to choose the leader who will best serve our interests as individuals and members of a society. Make that several societies. More and more, we live in Venn diagrams of intersecting cultural, occupational, and geographical communities. We may be urban homesteaders cultivating vegetable patches, or rural entrepreneurs building online empires. We may be single parents, or part of a cluster of spouses and exes, impoverished yet hopeful, prosperous yet despairing. We may have marital partners who are the same gender as us and children who are a different race from us. As any designer aquainted with the multidimensionality of human experience knows–and that would be all of you–Americans are increasingly unsimple. This state of affairs...is why I.D. is endorsing Barack Obama for president." 
-Julie Lasky

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