11 November 2008

long johns

when i awoke early yesterday morn, i wished to myself for it to be appropriate to wear long-john sets in public. ice now coats the grass like a ganache of glass, and as i settle into the momentum of a sleeplessness, i embrace the chill of this new season, mindful of the fact that it is this severity of seasons that suppresses the weaknesses, paradoxically sugar-coating the blows.

or, perhaps, it simply reminds me that i hold in my possession my own coat of armor, the tools of survival to make it through to the spring. 

long johns rule. i'm searching for another set. and sorry for this awkward shot. American Apparel©, eat your heart out. 

1 comment:

Jacey Braband said...

haha. remember when kindra had the idea in publication design for a call for submissions for crotch shots of people wearing underwear? ;)