20 April 2009

they don't fear much

I have been following the struggle for womens' rights throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan especially close as of late, and the bravery of these young women as they fight for their right to an education has been continuously inspiring. An interesting article in the New York Times today voices the opinions of two Afghani women in response to Obama's recent Afghanistan-Pakistan policy speech, and poses an interesting perspective on America's role as an ally, and global leader in democracy.

"Last November, extremists on motorbikes opposed to education for women sprayed acid on a group of students from the Mirwais School for Girls in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Several young women were severely burned. Yet it did not take more than a few weeks for even the most cruelly disfigured girls to return to school. Like the crowds of women in Kabul this week who protested a new law that restricts their rights, the Mirwais students demonstrate unbending courage and resolve for progress. They don’t fear much — except that the world might abandon them..."

I do not know where the answer lies, but I know that in these hectic times––as the final weeks of my college education loom on the horizon––I must not forget all that I take for granted. Also, take the time to watch this short video about an 11-year-old Pakistani girl's brave defiance against the Taliban. She rules.

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