24 April 2009

a through zzz

How the days have been spent recently–awake until a bit of sleep, with a mess of hazy thought clouds in between...

Marcel Marceau alphabet book, courtesy of the MCAD library, plus another spread from Keri Smith's How to Be an Explorer of the World: Einstein used thought experiments (questions that can only be solved using the imagination) on a regular basis. Learn more here.

In other fun news, I have a spasm in my piriformis muscle. Thanks, Senior Project!


Fine Little Day said...

Oh how nice this is.

Ellie Reynolds said...

piriformis design.

booty design.

piriformis = "pear shaped"

The piri is a Korean double reed instrument, used in both the folk and classical (court) music of Korea. It is made of bamboo. Its large reed and cylindrical bore gives it a sound mellower than that of many other types of oboe.

Form refers to the shape, visual appearance, or configuration of an object.

Is (verb), the third-person singular form of "to be" in the English language

Billy said...

"if i die before i learn to speak

can money pay for all the days i lived awake but half asleep?

do doo doo do doo doo doo...."

-primitive radio gods

happy graduation times.