25 May 2009


Nurturing fantasies of escape, I headed north this weekend to a magical place they call Git-che-O-ni-ga-ming, or Grand Portage, meaning "a great carrying place," in Ojibwe and French. It is the home of the breathtaking High Falls, Minnesota's tallest waterfall! Sunsets over Superior were followed by a night-walk filled with cherished moments of quiet, as we inhaled the breezes void of complication, counted the ripples off skipping stones, and I marveled at the capacity of shiny shoreline pebbles––a beauty majestically void of manufacture. 

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kjarliament said...

girl. You know i live there, right? Every day one summer, I used to cross the highway after work and jump into the Brule River (host to the Devil's Kettle), not far from Grand Portage. Sigh. What tranquil beauty. I'm envious!
But really, long time no see! I hope you are doing well. You have an incredible eye — I love your blog. See you at pitchfork, I presume?