10 July 2009

greetings from

"Had supper here Thursday. Very good with large portions."

Coudersport, Devil's Lake, Prospect Point, Appleton, Chicago, Miami, St. Augustine, Rome, Detroit, Alpes-Maritimes, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Salt Lake City, Valdosa, & Banff...Today I'll squelch my wanderlust with a fat stack of vintage postcards, forever romanticizing the simple pleasures of handwritten letters––the honesty and physicality of a loved-one's scrawled sentiments. 


Monstertoke said...

aww tgis made me happy.

Monstertoke said...

*this, for the record.

Toktokada said...

I love these old postcards with their flashy colours !!

Jordan Kay said...

i'm from appleton!

i collect these little beauts as well