07 September 2009

we travel

Mysterese folds a small satchel into my out- stretched palm, and says, "These reminded me of you," and as I grip the tiny tokens in my hands, they begin to cast a sort of serendipitous spell. I realize that, while it is difficult to say goodbye, much joy and hope is felt knowing that the paths we all travel will once again cross, and that new adventures are sure to bring happiness, content- ment, and unimaginable growth...

I, too, am so lucky and excited for a new adventure. Please check here in the coming months to see some glimpses of my recent work/play, along with the work of my talented colleagues/partners-in-crime.

(Maps courtesy of Hammond's Illustrated Atlas for Young America, via the MCAD library. Buttons courtesy of T.)

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terese said...

miss you aimee girl!