03 November 2009


Last Thursday I had the privilege of seeing Sin Fang Bous and Múm perform at the Walker Art Center. The McGuire Theater, packed with spellbound spectators, was transformed into an enchanted forest within moments of these Icelandic spirits taking the stage. I was captivated, moved, possessed.

Perhaps my admiration is partly due to the geographical context in which these artists are situated––the pristine land of Scandinavia; a land at once rooted in stark, atmospheric melancholy, while paradoxically enamored with a childish whimsy and the fairy tale traditions of old. I cannot help but be continuously inspired by this aesthetic, this Nordic cultural voice. It is these images and sounds and bits of beauty that resonate so deeply within me––a clangour of inspirations and emotions.

Images (in order of appearance): Sin Fang Bous album art (signed by Sindri!), Pattern design by Sanna Annuka for Marimekko, illustrations by Hanna Werning.

And when I'm swimming in through a tunnel, I shut my eyes...

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