16 October 2010

to market

Yesterday I awoke before the sun and boarded a bus towards the San Francisco Bay, to explore the city's infamous bay-front Ferry Building and Saturday morning Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. After an impeccable coffee, cupcake, and macaroon breakfast from Miette, I headed outside in the crisp sunshine and began my journey through tangled rows of local artisans selling their edible wares. I cannot describe what a joy it was to be immersed in a community of growers, bakers, and makers eager to offer samples with a smile, and discuss their love of food culture in a city famous for its roots in the Slow Food movement. I left with a regained sense of comfort and invigoration, along with a full stomach and a bag brimming with delicious eats. This sometimes solitary and still-new city suddenly felt a little bit more like home.

"In even simpler terms, community is built upon conversations. People like to eat, and they like to talk about it. Ask a stranger anywhere in the world what or where he likes to eat, and chances are he’ll open up..."

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tuesday bassen said...

Ahhh! Miette! I DREAM of going to Miette! Many of my graphic design identity projects have geeked out over the cookies matching the wallpaper matching the...