20 May 2011

happy hues

For those days at work when my brain feels like a Sloppy Joe, when I feel jaded and overwhelmed by the influx of information on a screen, when few things seem inspirational or motivational, I often partake in a computer break, go sit in a quiet place, and pull out the Pantone swatch books. Call me crazy, but there are few things more soothing than the simple act of playing and pairing together those dainty little chips.

Last Fall, with that in mind, I came up with a concept for Pantone Swatch blocks, a set of square blocks featuring an array of happy hues that could be stacked and sorted in an endless amount of ways by both children and adults alike; a simultaneous exercise in the theories behind and healing powers of color. 

After pitching it to Chronicle Books during my design fellowship here, my idea was sadly not immediately picked up, though the general idea was well-received. At the very least I have planted a seed, and perhaps it is simply waiting to sprout...And with that, I will leave you with this: A colorful classic by Mr. Glass.

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