03 May 2008

let us remember

Let us stand tall and be thankful for each other, for our connections and disconnections, our similarities and differences. Let us never forget how lucky we are that we can rise each morning with the sun and...breathe. Let us never be too proud to make mistakes, let us never take for granted our drive to create. And let us put these creative minds together and unite in remembrance of those we have lost along the way. 

ºººForgive me, Chris Johanson, for defacing your work, and Thank You and all the Beautiful Losers, for shining lights into tired eyes, and reminding us of the joys of our makingsººº


Dylan C. Lathrop said...

hear hear!

Love is Hell said...

all the nice things i can never seem to know how to say

moviestr251 said...

Keep up the good work Beautiful Losers. I hope everyone goes out to see this movie to see all that you guys have done for the art community. You are truly an inspiration.