17 October 2008

iceland is drowning

The economy in Iceland has crumbled, far worse than the U.S as of late. The quiet little island is drowning, but we are too worried about ourselves to spare a life jacket. 

When everyone's wrapped tight in our own self-absorption, when we make friends based on our vanities and desires to get ahead, it is the quiet, peaceful places that are left behind. Do honest, loyal people still exist? Or is a mankind with morals simply a myth? 


Love is Hell said...

i went to iceland when i was 15!!!!! i want to go back it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

bileygur said...

Even though the bank crisis has give the Icelanders some trouble, it is difficult to judge whole nation. The British didn't help very much by freezing the money of banks with terroist laws, and taking over another.

Life is just as calm as it has always been, so many increadible stories going around.

For the average Icelander life is just as it has always been. Hard work :)

notions & potions said...

That is good news to hear–may the calmness continue! Take care friend, and thank you.

whitney said...

Iceland looks so pretty.