26 March 2009

ideation & process

Sneak peaks into Senior Project etc and etc and etc. I don't know. I just don't know. Greatness is as terrifying as failure. What's good today is gone tomorrow. And I continue to live for the evanescence of enlightenment...

22 March 2009

undie animals

la souris...
la chouette...
...et la sauterelle. 

The mouse, the owl, and the cricket, they all are made of underwears! Taken from the pages of this beautiful magazine.

18 March 2009

wednesday wisdom

...from How To Be an Explorer of the World, by Keri Smith, a clever playtime guide, bought as a belated birthday present to myself, upon the suggestion of this wise guy. Click on images above for a clearer view. 

"The residual purpose of art is purposeless play. This play, however, is an affirmation of life–not an attempt to bring order to chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply a way of waking up to the very life we're living, which is so excellent once one gets one's mind and one's desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord." -John Cage

17 March 2009

abby flower

An afternoon was spent in Kindergarten, crafting leprechaun ears, showing and telling with the letter N, building cardboard battleships, cutting, pasting, drawling, and discussing the importance of sharing with others. Abby drew me an Abby flower, and let me hold her pet Zebra. The insightful perspectives of a room full of 5-year-olds was a welcome break from the company of grown-ups. 

16 March 2009

my mother

Who ran to help me when I fell\And would some pretty story tell\Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother
~Ann Taylor

Happy Birthday to my Mum. 

14 March 2009

books & looks

Lately, I am filled with bliss, basking in the beauty of so many stacks of books. Check out these blissful pieces about books: A cheeky piece from Ray Fenwick's Hall of Best Knowlege, Animal indexes by Pa Design, and this installation of such lovely hues, by Mr. Jacob Dahlgren.

12 March 2009


A few weeks ago I happened upon this charming little notebook at the Walker's Bookish Fair, made by the lovely Abigail Mullen. It was just the notebook I wanted to use (I added in the title) for this project I had been mulling about for awhile––taking the concept of Twitter and applying it to a personal journal. My daily poetry/prose/meanderings (in 140 characters or less) serve as a creative writing exercise, as well as a diaristic form of therapy. 

I want to indirectly examine the technological concept of a Twitter, and the reasons why people Twitter and Tweet. Is is really about communicating information? Is it another sign of our society's increasing narcissism? My generation has grown up being told we are all special, and now we behave accordingly, wanting to get our way constantly, wanting everything at our fingertips, all the time. Yet in this age of googles and facebooks, twitters and blogs, are we losing an appreciation for staying power and tradition, morality and meditation? We run the risk of treating all people as pop-culture icons, or seeing human relationships merely as shallow, passing ephemera. 

I am not out to bash Twitter. To do so within the context of a blog would be especially hypocritical. I am merely trying to come to terms with this information age, and questioning what it says about the future. Information at your fingertips is priceless, and a means to increase globalization and human connection. Yet when everyone feels they have something important to say, we stop listening to everyone else. And when our lives are constantly about what is new, we run the risk of taking the time to appreciate what is now. 

"What's missing from our immediate day-to-day lives that this would draw us in?" --Julie Engel Manga, written in response to this

I am tired of this ME generation, and worn weary by the information age. I want a cabin in the woods, and a vegetable patch.

bedtime stories

Jag är trött. I am tired. Learning languages & alphabets, remembering red dresses, dreaming of no more snow. 

Jag förstår inte. I don't understand. Can't seem to find the Swedish term for WTF

God natt. Goodnight.   

04 March 2009

work = play

Some recent inspirations found in the land of Kindra, plus evidence of some semblance of progress towards some semblance of a Senior Project. Plus the Otto––my most favorite palindrome––keeping me sane. 2+2 is equaling 5 right now, and I am hoping I don't go off the deep end, or have some sort of crazy public meltdown anytime soon...