19 August 2009

ask the stars

"Women born under Pisces like to travel and many are successful as artists and authors. Many are also excellent as designers and illustrators. Persons born under Pisces are highly imaginative and are inclined to be idealistic. They first absorb and later reflect conditions which surround them. Pisces is said to represent the link between 'earthliness' and 'metaphysics.' These people are keenly interested in all phases of life and are always ready to help a fellow who is down and out...They are extremely generous and derive much pleasure through helping others who are less fortunate than themselves."

Tonight the stars are aligning, and the future looks quite bright...

13 August 2009

mastering the art

My mother's well-worn copy of Julia Child's now infamous Mastering the Art of French Cooking, plus a few other beautiful gems from her cookbook library––Julia's The French Chef, and General Foods' All About Home Baking, circa 1933. 

--Julia Child, on life and 
the art of the potato pancake

...Because in cooking, as in life, often all you can do is jump right in, try your best, and hope that the pancake comes out precisely the way it was meant to taste. 

07 August 2009

to live here

"As urbanization continues apace, the ability of innovative design not only to mimic nature, but to manifest it, is no small accomplishment."

Read and see more here

05 August 2009

a matchless matchbook game

Pick-Up-Stix, a complete matchless matchbook game! Such lovely packaging for such a simple game...

02 August 2009

simple scraps

Sifting through the swatches of so many patterned past lives, my fingertips yearn to grasp onto any tangible proof of a future fulfilled; a simple scrap to wipe away the mere illusions of interwoven intimacies, and remind the crescent lines within my palms that the tomorrow will indeed be bright. 

Tonight, we need some forest fairies, otherwise known as a First Aid Kit