19 January 2012

craft yourself

It's been awhile since I've taken up a needle and a thread, but in the dead of winter, I'm re-discovering inspiration in the humorous and the homely. 

Chapter openers for Amy's Simple Times, hand-crafted by Megan Whitmarsh

15 January 2012

the searching eye

Film frames from The Searching Eye, Saul Bass, 1964

Work informs play, play informs work, and throughout both there are moments of triumph, and of despair. The new year marches on, and I continue to plow through with my head held high, my eyes wide open, and my hands busy.

"You know, we hear a lot about the joy of creating. What we don't acknowledge is the anguish and anxiety that come with the territory...Of course the pleasure when it does come can be very intense. Also, the play between pleasure and anxiety is part of the dynamic that makes the creative experience so compelling."