24 July 2009

positively primary

I'd never seen the launderer's bins in such an order, and they've never been in such an order since. These moments of beauty and clarity are fleeting, so I'll bottle them away for the rainier days...Remember color theory? It's still fun!

21 July 2009


Wisconsin Dells is a frightening place, but filled with such wondrous wee places to stay. One day I'll take a tour cross-country, wrapping myself in the mysteries of well-worn roadside motels. 

16 July 2009

tiny atmospheres

I had the pleasure, recently, of collaborating with Jacey Braband and Alex Roche on a series of posters to be hung around MCAD this summer. In the vast caverns of the grey photo studio, I spent a day amongst piles of cut paper, fashioning tiny atmospheres of floating summer fun. Check out more work & fun things from me and my fellow busy bees at the brand new MCAD DesignWorks blog.

10 July 2009

greetings from

"Had supper here Thursday. Very good with large portions."

Coudersport, Devil's Lake, Prospect Point, Appleton, Chicago, Miami, St. Augustine, Rome, Detroit, Alpes-Maritimes, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Salt Lake City, Valdosa, & Banff...Today I'll squelch my wanderlust with a fat stack of vintage postcards, forever romanticizing the simple pleasures of handwritten letters––the honesty and physicality of a loved-one's scrawled sentiments.