23 April 2010

let the object talk

(object of curiosity. found 04.12.10)

Yesterday eve I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Edith Ackermann at the Walker Art Center. It was an evening of inspiration and enchantment––and filled me with an unexplainable sense of hope.

The world will be bright if we continue to be curious––finding joy in the mundane, and embracing the levity of our imaginations. The world will be bright if we take cues from our children, and remember to play!

Read Edith's interview with the Walker here.

07 April 2010

an audacity to imagine

I've come to realize that there's nothing wrong with acting a wee bit childish.

02 April 2010

the conversation stops

"Because socializing doesn't scale. Once a group reaches a certain size, each participant starts to feel anonymous again, and the person they're following––who once seemed proximal, like a friend––now seems larger than life and remote.'They feel they can't possibly be the person who's going to make the useful contribution,' Evans says. So the conversation stops..." (read more here!)

Sorry I've been away, secretly relishing in my obscurity, finding strength and inspiration in the disconnect. There is magic that happens in a more-real life, in the play of words exchanged face-to-face, in the quiet of a breezy afternoon with a book, in the joy of collaboration and craft.

Let's start this conversation, anew...