30 June 2009

Dear Jens, Get Well Soon. Love, Notions & Potions.

27 June 2009

packaged in poppy

Petite packages made for those I have yet to meet, in shades of pristine poppy. See more about poppy potency: Poppy crop circles and poppies in Oz...

24 June 2009

que sera

Recent correspondence from my grandfather expressed concern over the messy nature of my hair in photographs he had previously been sent. My reply came in the form of peanut butter cookies and a portrait of myself with my hair done up like Doris Day. His reply came in the form of some of the best grandpa advice I've heard in awhile. Such comforting words to receive in the midst of so much uncertainty.

19 June 2009

colors & cupcakes

Miss Ella drew me a "picsha," as a thank-you exchange for my honey-banana cupcakes. Her colors remind me that print does matter, and of Printed Matter, a book that will forever inspire. 

12 June 2009

white and black

Splurged last eve and bought the new Fever Ray album, haunting and beautiful and best listened to with eyes wide open, in the dark of the night. Plus, check out this most pristine publication, a beauty I've been eyeing recently...wish I could get my hands on a copy.


11 June 2009

wild strawberries

The sun came out today, and so this finally seems seasonally appropriate. Mmmmm produce. Farmers market season is finally here!

05 June 2009

graduation celebration

My little brother graduated yesterday eve. Congrats, philly cheeseball! How does it feel?

01 June 2009

play all day

Though it came belated, this book was a rather suitable graduation gift for myself: Play All Day, brought to you by the ever-impeccable gestalten.
Featuring a fetching little game by Miller Goodman...
Lovely programmes and posters by JUNO GmbH & Co (website?)...
...And the amazing Fuji Kindergarten design by Kashiwa Sato. Learn more here (thanks, JZK).

Today I grapple with the guilt of material production, situated in a society of consumers. I question my own place within this sphere of printed matter. That is to say, do books matter?