29 August 2010

figgy fun

Locally grown fresh figs are in abundance this time of year out here in (sorta) sunny San Francisco, and I can't get enough of these sweet little treats. Simply delightful served over thick yogurt with honey, they also serve as the perfect impetus to an afternoon of crafty play!

Eat more produce–locally! The Mobile Food Collective has it right. See more about this idea in (brilliant) action here and here.

21 August 2010

worlds beyond

Lately, more than usual, I've been buried in books, in many more ways than one. Elif Shafek reminds me of the power of storytelling, of imagining the vast potentials of our hearts, and the beyond. Please enjoy if you have the moment!

03 August 2010

taking hold

Miles of man-made hills surround me in this city, yet I tread the same few most of my days. The concrete below my feet often vanishes in a rhythm of routine, but then I remember to look! And when I do, I find: a wrinkled masterpiece blowing amongst discarded plastic bags, and a leaf with a brilliant identity crisis.

In an ongoing quest for hope and love and authenticity, I hold these things dear, pressed between the pages of a bedside book, rare treasures mined from the mundane...

"A collection is usually an attempt to somehow take hold of the world around us, to control at least a few of its parts..."