20 May 2012

the shape of things

I still can't get over the quiet weight of this wee little book, The Shape of Things by Ilonka Karasz.

"With the help of geometry we can measure the earth & the shape of things on eart. We can do more–we can build. Man builds houses & bridges & measures by shadows. How does nature build? Who makes the snowflakes in the shape of hexagons? The beehives & the wasps nests? Rocks & Crystals appear in very definite shapes. Nature makes salt in the shape of cubes. The prism breaks light into the seven colors of the rainbow, and bubbles pack like a tetrakaidecahedron. Maybe everything in the universe is constructed on some very exact pattern. Look about you at the stars & the shells & the flowers & the wings of dragonflies..."

Thank you, again & again, Sarah & Greg.