24 September 2009

meaning is a shaky edifice

"But human beings do not perceive things whole; we are not gods but wounded creatures, cracked lenses, capable only of fractured perceptions. Partial beings, in all the senses of that phrase. Meaning is a shaky edifice we build out of scraps, dogmas, childhood injuries, newspaper articles, chance remarks, old films, small victories, people hated, people loved; perhaps it is because our sense of what is the case is constructed from such inadequate materials that we defend it so fiercely, even to the death."
--Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands

Found notes from a recent Saturday morning yard sale––I cannot help but get wrapped up in the romance of an old soul's lost ephemera. Forever, I will be a collector...watch Jessica Helfand discuss the hatred and histories and beauty of the scrapbook here.

20 September 2009

rhythms & weaves

The days disentangle in kaleidoscopic rays of light and dark. Brilliance collides with blackness as I attempt to weave together the circadian cycles of my newly illuminated habitats. I've long been absent from this space, but sometimes we need silence before sound––a chance to gain clarity, arranging the pieces just so in the hopes to achieve a higher harmony...

Images (in order of appearance): A sampling of endpapers from my new/old set of The Golden Home and High School Encyclopedia, circa 1960; Vertical Change by Bjorn Copeland; Golden encyclopedia exteriors; and, Red and Blue Layers by the legendary Anni Albers.

07 September 2009

we travel

Mysterese folds a small satchel into my out- stretched palm, and says, "These reminded me of you," and as I grip the tiny tokens in my hands, they begin to cast a sort of serendipitous spell. I realize that, while it is difficult to say goodbye, much joy and hope is felt knowing that the paths we all travel will once again cross, and that new adventures are sure to bring happiness, content- ment, and unimaginable growth...

I, too, am so lucky and excited for a new adventure. Please check here in the coming months to see some glimpses of my recent work/play, along with the work of my talented colleagues/partners-in-crime.

(Maps courtesy of Hammond's Illustrated Atlas for Young America, via the MCAD library. Buttons courtesy of T.)