17 December 2010

swedish notes

This impeccable set of vintage notecards landed merrily in my mailbox recently–a surprise gift from a faraway friend! I cannot get enough of the design motifs of old-world Sweden; the sweetness and sentimentality remind me so much of the place I call home.

I'll be holiday homeward bound one week from now–at least for a short while. Bring on the gravlax, and mom's Swedish meatballs with jam!

And, thank you Tamara.

13 December 2010


Found these forgotten friends at the bottom of the bin during a recent visit to the glorious Alameda Antiques Faire, scattered pieces from a child's crafting game. I love the garish absurdity of the techni-color palate; candid and cute, if not a bit grotesque...

They would fit in quite well on the Island of Misfit Toys, don't you think?