20 March 2011

sunday scones

This Sunday afternoon was spent making a mess in my rather non-existent excuse of a kitchen, baking up a batch of gluten-free scones for tomorrow's bake sale. After a series of unfortunate health events over this past year, I recently had to make the switch to eating gluten-free. Yet this new challenge, coupled with two square feet of counter space and my humble countertop convection toaster oven, were no match for one girl's determination to whip up something delectable! And after sampling my culinary success, I simply couldn't resist transforming these treats into pretty little packages–easy on the eyes, and the stomach. I hope others will agree.

Want the recipe? It was an adaption of this

16 March 2011

I cannot help but imagine my mother eagerly fingering through the pages of the cookbook below. Today is her birthday. 
Happy Birthday Mum! You make my life taste sweet.

learning to cook

I recently discovered this absolute classic while browsing the bookshelves at work: Betty Crocker's NEW Boys and Girls Cookbook, copyright 1965 by General Mills, Inc., in Minneapolis, MN! I can never get enough of the technicolor food styling of the 60s and 70s, and who doesn't love food with a face?

"Dear Boys and Girls, Learning to cook can be an adventure–like exploring a new country, with a recipe as your map. And if you follow directions exactly, you are sure to arrive at your destination–proud and pleased to be able to cook many good things for your family and friends..."
-Betty Crocker

04 March 2011


Two months in to this new(ish) year, and I continue to find hope in hard work, and a barreling forward into the unknown. Thank you, Katie & Nate, for this impeccable letterpress gift! Come back to San Francisco soon! We like you here.