28 November 2010


We drove through winding wooded roads, past white waves and grassland elks, until we reached our final height; a lighthouse, perched at the end, and the beginning, of the world.

And, upon returning, we left our breaths by the sea, with strength gained in the necessary discomfort and discovery of the unknown.

24 November 2010

colors & numbers

I'm pleased to present a sneak peek of this precious little pair of board books–one of my first printed pieces for Chronicle Books! Previously published in France as "Coleurs" and "Chiffres," these books were re-formatted in English and re-designed by me, with illustrations by Monsieur Thierry Laval. Look for them on your local bookstore shelves this spring.

Can you count to 10? Grover and John John can!

21 November 2010

the life of mr. mustache

Received the loveliest piece of post in my mailbox this past week, all the way from across the sea! Introducing The Life of Mr. Mustache, a charming little book by Studio Violet, plus a surprise notecard set from the ever-admirable Fine Little Day! Much Thanks, Elisabeth! This has made my week.

"He thought to himself, why am I sad? I have a good life, it's not all that bad. I should be smiling and not feeling blue. But worry worry worry is all I seem to do..."
The Life of Mr. Mustache

13 November 2010

make your mark!

I had the super cool awesome rad! privilege today of spending the afternoon with a fantastic group of fellow Chronicle Books designers, and a lively group of tweens. The day was filled with sunshine, crafting, popcorn, and prizes, and the event was a smashing success! We learned a lot from these silly 8-12 year olds, all while promoting a love of reading and creativity at this critical "in-between" age.

(I also happened to have the even bigger privilege of designing all promotional materials for the event. Please take a look at some of the applications, above!)