28 January 2011

books & things

It's always a bit strange to see an object you've worked to produce when it comes back from the printer; weeks of work manifested in real form. Looking at things objectively is often difficult when you've been so engrossed in the behind-the-scenes!

BUT, I'm very pleased to offer a small glimpse into some of the pieces I've been working on over the past several months here. And of course, my work would not be what it is without the amazing talents of the brilliant and delightful illustrators I've had the great pleasure to work with on these–Thank you all. And, enjoy!

25 January 2011

from the design desk

I've been busy busy back here on the West Coast, making and doing and working and playing as a children's designer at Chronicle Books. But I'm never too busy for some whimsy! Please check out my recent contribution to the Chronicle Books blog here

01 January 2011

we are not cold

Silly Snow Monster! by Ella and Owen. Minneapolis, MN. December 2010

In this land where the snow falls, when the blankets of white turn into shards of grey, it is too easy to succumb to the cold; to see the world through narrowed eyes and allow the turning inwards to overtake us–a novocaine for the soul.

Yet it is now the New Year, I've spent a week back in my beloved wintry land, and through it all I'm left with a steadfast hope that human beings are not cold. We were not born to be anesthetized automatons, seeking solace in our economical pragmatism. Rather, we were born to hope, to mess up, to laugh, to cry, and to find joy and strength in the warmth of others.

So here's to a fresh start, to a continued hope in the existence of romance and wonderment in a world far too driven by austerity. Happy New Year to loved ones near and far!