29 August 2008

information overload

A favorite spread from a classic, Bruce Mau's Massive Change: THE MOST DANGEROUS THING IN THE WORLD (AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL), a graph made November 2003 by the Opte project, provides an analysis of wasted Internet protocol (IP) space, maps IP distribution, and detects the results of natural disasters, weather, and war. The research shows that the known internet is growing by more than 10 million new, static pages each day. The effect is the global accumulation of knowledge over time and the ever increasing value of search engines like Google. 

Topics I have googled in the past 24 hours: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, tomato jam recipe, Fine Line Music cafe, elephant bones, Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who, puppy drinks too much water, UnConvention, Liberty Parade, Juergen Teller, Charlotte Rampling, mojito, Office Max.

School has started. My brain's a bit numb. So much thinking about so many things...

25 August 2008

midday shadowplay

Otto fetches cicadas as I dust the dirt off my knees and slurp down the last few minutes of these waning Summer days. Goodbye Summer, hello Fall, its back to work for one and all...

21 August 2008

runner's world: 1979

Upon browsing through boxes of my father's old magazines, I've made some pretty delightful discoveries...
So delightful are short shorts, tube socks, and the feathered-hair men that wear them.
Equally delightful is some 70s female empowerment, post Title IX.
And especially delightful is this: Michael Douglas stars in a story about having the courage to be what you are! You go Michael D, you GO.

18 August 2008

the mystery chef

A summer's morn was yesterday spent making honey buns for busy bees...
And in these closing days of summer I relished in the discovery of some well-used recipes of old, tucked away in the pages of this 1935 publication by a certain "Mystery Chef."
Baked corn and chocolate cake must've been on the menu one eve...

And this precious notebook's pages were yellowed but blank, surprisingly, thus leading me to deem myself the Clabber Girl...
The sun still broils the blades of green, and I pause to think of the weeks that have past. I imagine the original owner of these objects, and am inspired by her pristine hand-writing and diligent scrap-saving, as the rest of my noon is spent on the lawn, dreaming about the days of old. 

15 August 2008


Why didn't i make this? Needlepointed rubik's cubes and dancing coconuts, ladies & gentlemen! One day I do aspire to be this nimble with a thimble. 

13 August 2008

mighty scrumptious eating

A Strawberry Gelatine Birthday Cake for Zoe...

...And some classic Knox Gelatine cooking pamphlets, circa 1933 & 1952 respectively. Gummy sharks, a perfectly pink piped buttercream, and sublimely saturated retro food illustrations make me smile.