28 May 2010

in the backyard

(McCall's Garden Book, circa 1967)

Inspirations have been gathered, ideas have been planted, and the arrival of a warm Minnesota June brings seedlings of hope and anticipation in the fruitfulness of communities new and old. A certain dapper gentlemen/jack-of-all-trades has asked me to contribute to this, as he seeks to strengthen our community through a series of happenings in the months to come. Exciting things are about to happen in the backyard! Please do check it out.

In other news, my backyard has just expanded! Soon, I'll be embarking on a grand adventure West, to begin work/play at this magical place. There are many new neighbors I've yet to meet. Stay tuned...

19 May 2010


(Hikers pause at Glacier Point. Ektacolor photograph by Ansel Adams, c. 1959)

"As a young person I had no clear perception of my future–I only knew that my professional career depended on my energy, self-criticism, discipline, and a permanent desire to learn."

Summer has arrived. Let the adventuring and learning begin! There is much discovery on the horizon.

15 May 2010

pocketbook press presents

Pocketbook Press politely presents....The Bear Came Over the Mountain, by wordsmith extraordinaire Alice Munro.

This is the first release by Pocketbook Press, a humble publishing project that seeks to promote the simple joys of print and the written word through limited edition booklets carefully curated by its founder, Aimee Gauthier (that's me!)

If any creative soul out there would be interested in collaborating on future editions, it would be an honor. Please let me know!

12 May 2010

an awesome book!

An awesome book for an awesome cause by an awesome dude! Brilliant.